Our small mountain town has experienced a tragic situation, made even more-heart breaking at this time of year. A 10 month old puppy was shot and suffered an prolonged and painful death at the hands of a neighbor. A couple and their 7 year old daughter have lost an important furry family member, and are scared for their remaining dog until the perpetrator has been caught. Margie Keener, mother of one of the victims, is offering a reward to help find the person responsible.

If you could please spread the word about what happened and ask that anyone who has information come forward and contact the WPPD (719) 687-9262, we would really appreciate it. The event happened on Saturday 11-26-2016 between 1:00 – 1:30 pm near 845 Teller Lane in the Rolling Park Subdivision of Woodland Park.

$2000.00 REWARD for the successful arrest and prosecution of the person who shot and killed my daughter’s, her husband’s and my 7 year old grand-daughter’s 10-month old puppy when it accidentally escaped the backyard during a DIRECTV install. The event happened in a matter of minutes on Saturday 11-26-2016 between 1:00 – 1:30 pm near 845 Teller Lane in the Rolling Park Subdivision of Woodland Park. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Woodland Park Police Department. I too would like to thank Dr. Steiner and her staff for trying to save Ruger’s life. He could not have been in better hands. I sincerely thank this community for the support my daughter and her family is receiving at this difficult and shocking time.

Margie Keener

I have received permission from Margie Keener to share her words about the reward. She has asked for any and all help possible to find the person who did this. If you would like contact information for Margie Keener, please contact office@tcrascolorado.com or (719) 686-7707 and we will help assist you in getting in contact.


November 27 at 8:27am ·

“I usually stay quiet on this page, but today I must air my disappointment with one person in our community. Yesterday afternoon my husband and I heard a horrible scream. We ran down our stairs into the family room and found our 10 month old puppy, Ruger, laying there screaming in pain. Suddenly he stopped breathing, my husband blew into his nose Ruger started breathing we rushed him to the vet. Everyone at the vet’s office was ready to leave for the day but dropped everything to help. After fluids and trying to figure out what happened, Ruger stopped breathing again. The staff started CPR by it was too late he had passed away. At this point Dr Steiner noticed a small spot of blood on Ruger’s side. We took x-rays and found a pellet. Turns out Ruger was shot by a pellet gun with a lead pellet, which is meant to kill small animals when hunting. The pellet found its way in his left side between two ribs and through both lungs. Ruger died a long and painful death. And now we have to tell my husband’s 7 year old daughter that her puppy was shot, by someone careless and cruel. This person didn’t think about how it would affect this family to lose such a young dog, to have a unplanned vet bill this time of year, and to know that one of our neighbors did this. I would also like to say thank you so much to the staff at The Animal Clinic of WP for everything they did, and the Woodland Park Police Department for investigating this.”

Thank you so much for your help with this.


Amy Elmont

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