The Volunteer of the Month for February is – KATHY H.

Where are you from? I was born and raised in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and currently live in Divide.

*What volunteer positions do you help with at TCRAS? I help to clean the cattery and socialize the guests.

*What do/did you do for a job/career? Currently, I am the co-publisher, editor, writer, distribution manager and bookkeeper for the Ute Country News.

*Do you have a family? Tell us about them. My Colorado Family include my husband, Jeff, Shadow (10) and Jade (7) *What pets do you have? Shadow and Jade are getting along VERY well. We’ve had Shadow since he was 8 weeks old and became Foster Failures with Jade. I can honestly say I’ve never been so happy to fail before in my life! Jade has put on a few pounds since he joined our family last July. Getting to know Jade has been a beautiful experience that continues to unfold. We learned he likes his food dish elevate, water to run from the tap (and he’s learned to let me know when he’s finished!). He sure likes to cuddle and will sometimes have “petting emergencies” where he just cannot wait another second until he is thoroughly petted. Shadow enjoys having a playmate to interact with again and to snuggle up to. We really enjoy watching them play together. They enjoy a good game of chase (where felines somehow become elephants), ambush, pounce, and tube-treats. Frequently, we see them lying next to each other at paw’s length. Soon, we see lick, lick, lick, surely to be followed by a friendly bite-bite-bite, followed by a long pause and often a decision to sleep on the next move as close as they possibly get to each other!

*What do you like to do for fun? We like to hike and explore the outdoors, see what crops we can entice to grow in the greenhouse, learn about the environment, spend time in the cattery and try new recipes.

THANK YOU Kathy for your dedication to our cattery. Our feline guests appreciate all that you do for them! Kathy also wrote a beautiful essay that we entered into a contest and although we did not win, she highlighted our community and TCRAS’ mission beautifully!!