The Volunteer of the Month for April is – Cynthia R.
From Cynthia:  “I would like to submit this picture in honor of Crimson.  In 2014, I agreed to foster an older dog who was dropped at TCRAS.  Crimson was just a little, red 15 year-old dog.  She was not thriving and no one thought she would live more than a few weeks.  She was confused but settled on a love-seat in my husband’s office and stole his heart.  Crimson was terribly arthritic but moved like a puppy on her walks.  We also found that she was deaf.  She lived with us and a lot of love for another year.  I know we gave her the best life she could have had and she taught us what true spirit is all about.”
*Where are you from?  – I grew up in Houston and moved to Woodland Park in 2012, when my husband retired.
*What volunteer positions do you help with at TCRAS? – I work in the cattery and spend time with the cats as I clean their kennels.  The kittens are precious and funny, but I am a tad partial to the older guys. (Cynthia also pitches in doing dishes and laundry…the staff really appreciates that!!)
*What do/did you do for a job/career? – I returned to school and received a master’s degree in sociology at 50.  I taught sociology at University of Houston and Houston Baptist University until retiring.
*Do you have a family?  Tell us about them. – I live in Woodland Park with my husband Lou and my 93 year old Father.  We have 3 cats, all rescues.  I visit my daughter and three grand-babies in Dallas every 8 weeks.
*What pets do you have? – We have 3 cats, all rescues.  Tugboat is a special needs old guy we found emaciated at the docks in Houston.  He’s a mess but a true lap cat.  Patch and Mr. Kitty had been left when their owners moved and they eventually gravitated to our house.  We love them all.
*What do you like to do for fun? – I enjoy hiking, gardening, reading and anything outdoors.
THANK YOU Cynthia for your dedication to all our shelter guests; fostering an old gal and showing her love and compassion for her remaining days is a gift.  It takes a special heart to do that and we appreciate you!!