Want to Adopt?

Adopting a new companion at TCRAS is easy.  Here’s how you can find your next friend for life!

Pets saved in 2019

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Returned to owner

2018 Returned to Owner

How to adopt a pet at TCRAS

1.) Go to “Adopt a Cat” or “Adopt a Dog”  links to check out the animals available through TCRAS.

2.) Visit the shelter to meet the adoptable animals you would like to consider. TCRAS is open 6 days a week, please see hours of operation.

3.) Fill out an adoption application. (This can be done ahead of time, click here for the CAT application or DOG application.


All adoptions must be done in person.

  • Your visit with each animal will be assisted by a trained adoption specialist to answer questions, address concerns and to help you decide if the animal is a good fit for your home environment (i.e. children, other pets, specific needs, etc)
  • You can also bring in your current pets to do a visitation (this may be required with certain animals).
  • Then, if you feel you have found your new forever friend and your family and home are ready, just let us know and we will walk you through the rest of the process.