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Ute Pass Trading

Breed / Other Descriptive Characteristics: We think Bentley is a lab/pointer mix. His size and speed also make us think he might have some whippet in him. Bentley is a very friendly dog, but he can become timid and shy with new places and people. Bentley’s form of kisses is sort of different from other dogs, instead of licking, Bentley does a very friendly and gentle flee-nip all over your body!  One special characteristic Bentley has, is his super long tongue,which he has been known to trip over!!!

Candidate’s Favorite Activities: Bentley’s favorite activities include greeting every customer that comes into the store,going to the dog park to meet new play-mates, as well as playing with all of his friends! These friends include many dogs, two cats that he lives with and plays with every night, as well as a chicken in his back yard that he plays with during his potty breaks at work! Another favorite activity of Bentley’s is being with his kitty. Once Bentley is home he never leaves his kitty alone, and is always cleaning her and snuggling her. Overall, Bentley’s favorite activity is spreading he joy and love to everyone he can!

Election Platform / Campaign Promises: As mayor, Bentley promises that he will fight for what matters most! Unlimited treats for all animals is a must, as well as never ending walks or trips to the dog park! He also suggests mandatory play time with owners at least 10 hours of the day! And finally, because Bentley works in a feed store,he knows how important good food is, and he promises to spread the knowledge of yummy but healthy choices for all animals!

Anything else?: Bentley has just recently become the only “shop dog” for Ute Pass Trading, and has been doing a great job holding down the fort! At first he was lonely and confused, but now he has stepped up and knows he is the one to greet customers and put smiles on everyone’s faces! Bentley has been doing such a good job that he has a certain few customers that come in just to give him treats, new toys, and love!