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Breed/Other descriptive characteristics: MinPin/Chihuahua/Dachshund mix

Favorite activities: I love to go to work with my Mom at the real estate office. We are always out meeting new people and helping them achieve their goal of finding their new dream home. I also love to take the stuffing out of my toys.

Election Platform: I believe I am the perfect candidate for Mayor of Divide because I have been groomed for this position since I was 5 days old. You see I came to the shelter with my litter mates as orphans at 5 days old. My human Mom bottle fed me and helped me to grow up to be strong, fearless and a bit outspoken. These are all qualities that serve a Mayor well. I promise to be cute and listen (how can I help but to do that with my ears) when spoken to. I promise to represent our community as the community would like to be represented. I promise to get as many votes as my little legs can gather, even if it means bribery with lots of kisses. VOTE FOR CADBURY ā€“ Iā€™M NOT A CHICKEN!