Application For Mayor of Divide 2018

Application must be received at TCRAS before 5 pm on February 5, 2018

The following information will be used for promotional materials such as on the TCRAS website and all social media outlets.

Any information with an * will be kept private and is for shelter use only, unless given specific permission from the campaign manager.

Please send photos to Thanks!

Candidate Application for Mayor of Divide 2018

Name of Business/Organization

Type of Business/Organization

Complete Business Address including Zip Code

Business Phone Number and Website

* Name of Campaign Manager (main contact) and cell phone

* Contact Email and Preferred Method of Communication

How do you prefer to be contacted?

Do you give TCRAS consent to use your information on Social Media and other Promotional uses and do you consent to be contacted for media arrangements such as interviews or public events?

Name of Candidate and Gender

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Type of animal and age

Breed / Other Descriptive Characteristics

Candidate's Favorite Activities

Election Platform / Campaign Promises

Anything else that is helpful for the voters to know?

Shelter Location: 308 Weaverville Rd, Divide / Mailing Address: PO Box 904, Divide, CO 80814

Office: 719-686-7707

Kathleen Morand, Event Coordinator:

Amy Elmont, Public Relations:

Lisa Robertson, Executive Director: