Sponsored by:

Woodland Butcher Block

Breed / Other Descriptive Characteristics: Boxer/Pitbull

Candidate’s Favorite Activities: Gambler’s favorite activities include preparing his cat siblings for the Olympics – focusing on sprint and high jump disciplines; fishing with daddy and stealing unsuspecting fishermen’s lunches; guarding daddy’s truck from suspicious types (especially old ladies); archaeological digs for cow bones and deer limb remnants; and monitoring and reporting on ecological impacts and migration of squirrels, geese, elk, cows, antelopes and other exotics found in the Pikes Peak region.  He also loves staying in shape by playing Tug of War with his sister Haley, volunteering (in the drive thru) in his local Woodland Park food bank with The Golden Arches symbol, but mainly, he loves sleeping by the fire dreaming of how he can contribute to the well-being of his beloved future constituents.

Election Platform / Campaign Promises: Gambler hasn’t been blessed with good looks or even good attitude.  What he has been blessed with is an enormous luck.   And he wants to share this luck with all in Divide, and the entire Pikes Peak region for that matter. He says YES when others say no. Just imagine the following scenarios playing out daily in the Pikes Peak region: “Fido, you might be here in the shelter for a while, not many people are looking for a 14 year old, three legged dog” “I am so lonely and Gamble is the mayor” “Wait, a loving family is waiting outside and they are going to adopt you!” OR “Myrtle, we will have to bump you from this flight. But who’s your mayor again?” “Well, Gambler! Of course.” “As luck might have it, a business class seat just opened up and we will upgrade you for free” OR “Bob, we think you will need a new engine.  We suspect the engine block is cracked” “Oh no! But Gambler is my mayor!” “Our bad, we were terribly mistaken.  It was just a spark plug.  It’ll be $25!” (Legal Disclaimer: Void where such promises are prohibited.  Not FEC approved.)

Anything else?: You might be good looking.  You might even have everything you need.  But who’d be foolish enough to turn down extra luck?  And if neither applies to you, you have absolutely nothing to lose.  Vote for Gambler! You want qualifications?  Well, isn’t it a great stroke of luck for any dog to be nominated and sponsored by a butcher?  How much luckier can a dog get? GAMBLER FOR MAYOR OF DIVIDE!

Gambler’s is a story of rough beginnings and happy endings. 

A lonely stray pup wondering the streets of Aurora, a city with pit bull ban, he barely escaped death.  Picked up by MaxFund in Denver, the decision was made he was not safe to be rehomed in the Denver area and that is when TCRAS came to rescue. 

He was a guest at TCRAS for a long while, many months.  Adopted and returned a time or two, his formative years were rocky.  But then, at last, he found his forever home. 

All of a sudden, to his surprise, he could do no wrong, he got to ride in the truck everywhere his daddy went, he learned how to swim and fish, got to have a beautiful sister to tug on daddy’s socks with and bunch of cat siblings to try to catch.  He got a mom that always kisses him and squishes his cheeks.  He got to sleep on the bed, buried under the blankets and lounge on the deck in the sun.  

He learned that he can show his good loving heart to the world and doesn’t have to walk around with attitude.  And now, he is ready to become magnanimous mayor.  Understanding the hardships that we all face, he is ready to spread happiness and his good luck! 

Gambler for Mayor!