What can TCRAS do for you?

TCRAS has a large number of services to help you and your faithful companion find the resources you need.

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TCRAS has been able to offer a wide range of services for Teller County and El Paso County, ranging from Lost and Found, Hands-on training, and more!  Our mission is to serve you by giving you a number of resources at your fingertips to aid you and your pet through life.  Check out the many options below, and see if there’s anything we can do for you!


Looking for a new faithful companion? TCRAS will be able to help find a home for a new member of your family.

Lost and Found

Looking for a lost loved one? Found someone else’s companion?  Lost and Found can help you recover your lost pets and assist in finding the owner of lost animals.

Surrender a Pet

Unable to care for a loved one anymore? We can help you through the process of surrendering your pet and easing the transition of parting ways.

Spay and Neuter

Looking to spay or neuter?  TCRAS can help you find a solution to ensure a longer happier life for your pet.

Local Vet Services

Need medical care for your furry friend?  TCRAS can help you connect with nearby veterinary services to ensure your companions get the care they need.

Get Them Home

Licensing and micro-chipping your pet is the easiest way to make sure they are reunited with you if they get lost.  Check out how easy it is to protect them.

Pet Resources

Looking for additional resources that TCRAS or the community can offer?

Trap and Neuter

Issues with stray animals on your property potentially having offspring?  Trap and Neuter services can ensure that strays are properly cared for while giving you peace of mind.