Paw in Hand Behavioral Modification Program

To find out more about the Paw in Hand Program, please contact the shelter.


308 Weaverville Rd (behind the Sheriffs office) in Divide

The Paw in Hand Program is unique in that it supports families that are struggling with a furry family member’s challenging behavior and feel that surrendering their pet is the only option available. This program is open to Teller County residents and their companion pet, even if the cat or dog was not adopted from TCRAS. The Paw in Hand Program will help keep more pets in their homes, reducing returns and surrenders to the shelter and creating a positive solution for everyone involved.

To qualify for the program, pet owners will meet with a TCRAS staff member to discuss their unique situation. If it is determined that this program would be beneficial for the family, we will work with them to find them the right Training or Behavior Specialist specialist to help with the challenging behavior.

At TCRAS, we are committed to “Forever improving the lives of animals in our community” and we so appreciate the Banfield Foundation for supporting us in this important mission.

Some examples of behaviors that can be worked with:

  • inappropriate chewing
  • excessive barking
  • escaping
  • drastic environmental changes that are now causing disruptive behaviors

If you think bringing your pet to the shelter is your only option, please contact us to find out if this program can help you!

We would like to send out a huge thank you to the Banfield Foundation for supporting TCRAS with a generous grant for The Paw in Hand Behavior Modification Program!