Pet Surrender

You may be at a time in your life where you need to re-home/surrender a pet/s

Surrendering your pet(s) to TCRAS:

TCRAS is a small limited access shelter/rescue; we work hard to help the pets in our care. Due to space and resources, not every pet will be admitted.  Please keep in mind that TCRAS does consider all requests for pet surrender; however, preference is first given to pet/s adopted from TCRAS.

TCRAS does require a surrender fee to help cover costs of medical treatment and care while your pet is at TCRAS. Fees will be discussed if your pet is able to be admitted.

What to do next:

  • Fill out the “Surrender Request” form below.
    • We ONLY accept dogs and cats.
    • Your open and honest answers are necessary and appreciated.
    • Filling out the surrender form does not guarantee that TCRAS will be able to re-home your pet.

Please note it may take up to a week for a response back.

  • If TCRAS does contact you about your request, they will be asking further questions to determine if the pet is appropriate for the program.
  • If TCRAS determines to have the pet come in for an evaluation, please keep in mind the pet may not pass the evaluation in which case the pet will not be accepted in the program.
  • If the pet is accepted in the program, a “Relinquishment” form with complete history of the animal must be completed and surrender fees will be processed.  Any medical or behavior records are appreciated at this time.

We understand that parting with your pet can be hard but if you plan on giving up a pet to TCRAS, it would be appreciated if you can fill out the simple form below. All surrenders have to be made in person at TCRAS, but we would appreciate it if you would take the time to let us know why you will be surrendering your pet to us and any information you believe we should know about your pet ahead of time. Your open and honest answers are necessary and appreciated.

Maybe our Paw in Hand Behavior Modification Program can help?

This program supports families that are struggling with a furry family member’s challenging behavior and feel that surrendering their pet is the only option available. This program is open to Teller County residents and their companion pet, even if the cat or dog was not adopted from TCRAS.

Rehome your pet yourself through Adopt-A-Pet

This is a free service for pet owners and the adoption fees all go to TCRAS. Easily create a profile and get the word out to lots of potential adopters! Click on image above to go to their website.

Surrender Form

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