TNR - Trap, Neuter, Return


Trap-Neuter-Return – (TNR) Program for Cats

Thank you for caring for the community cats on your property.

Each year cats are abandoned by owners to fend for themselves, and each year the cats who are abandoned that were not spayed and neutered produce litters of unwanted kittens which they then produce unwanted litters.

TCRAS has taken an active role in helping you with these felines by providing a limited funded TNR program.  This program is built to spay and neuter cats to humanely keep the overpopulation down.

THE Steps are Easy to be part of the program.

  1. Please stop by TCRAS (308 Weaverville Rd., Divide, CO 80814) to review and complete a TNR agreement.
  2. Once the agreement is completed, TCRAS will provide a live trap and guidance on trapping.
  3. When a cat/s have been trapped, you will contact TCRAS to let them know you have a trapped cat and TCRAS then will contact one of the participating Veterinarians to schedule the appointment. At the Veterinarian, they will have these procedures done:
    1. Spay or Neuter
    2. Vaccinations for rabies and distemper
    3. Left ear tipped
  4. After the medical procedures are done, you will pick up the cat in the trap from the Veterinarian.
  5. Since the program is limited funded, please contact or stop by to donate $30 per cat to keep the program going.
  6. Once you have the cat back to your property, it is best to keep them in the trap with a cover to keep them quiet to recover overnight.
  7. After the cat has recovered,  you can release the cat back onto the property and enjoy knowing it will not be adding to the overpopulation.

Benefits of being part of the TNR program?

By spaying and neutering cats this will stop cats from yowling, fighting, spraying and having unwanted litters.  TNR avoids the vacuum effect of the typical catch and remove approach. Once the cats are removed from a territory, new cats may move in and take over the space.

For further information about TNR and care of community cats, please visit.