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Bentley, Sponsored by Ute Pass Trading

Bentley is just a baby at 1 years old, who was adopted from TCRAS. Bentley is a Labrador retriever and pointer mix, so he has a ton of energy to do what needs to be done. He loves to give little love nibbles when he wants to show how much he loves someone. As a young fellow he is still trying to find his feet and has been seen tripping over his super long tongue, but don’t worry he knows how to tuck and role! Bentley does have a day job working around the shop, his main roles are greeting every customer that comes in the door and to make sure they make a treat donation to his tummy for coming in. Bentley also is tasked with the responsibility of helping raise his baby sister Bailey, who happens to be a cat. There are a few promises that Bentley would like everyone to know about – first: he promises to enforce unlimited treats for all the good animals out there; second: mandatory play time with owners whenever they are home; last:  all bellies will be full of healthy delicious food and no one will go hungry!

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