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Woodland Butcher Block


Gambler, Sponsored by Woodland Butcher Block

Gambler is a 5-year-old boxer pit bull mix who is busier than most other pooches. His favorite activities are but are not limited to preparing his cat siblings of the Olympics. Events that he is coaching them towards are sprints and high jump. When he is not coaching he also enjoys going fishing with his dad and testing his lunch to make sure nothing bad is in the sandwiches. He also has a security job guarding his dad’s truck, from the suspicious looky-loos, especially old ladies. His passion is archaeological digs for cow bones, and deer limbs. He also is tasked with monitoring and reporting on ecological impacts and migration of squirrels, geese, elk, cows, and antelopes. All his activities require a good amount of napping by the fire and dreaming of how he can contribute to the well-being of his future constituents.

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