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Divide Feed

Breed / Other Descriptive Characteristics: Rottweiler (teacup size – 65lbs)

Candidate’s Favorite Activities: Ruby loves gnawing on bones and greeting customers at Divide Feed, she just lives for those ear scratches and belly rubs. When she’s not working hard at the store though, you can find her enjoying hikes with her family, grooming her cat (Tonks), or hanging out with the horses and goat at the barn!

Election Platform / Campaign Promises: “My top priority is, and has always been, top notch nutrition for all of my friends in Teller County, and beyond. I promise to keep our store stocked with bones and biscuits, the highest quality dog and cat food, crickets for my small scaley friends, farm fresh local beef, pork, and lamb, and, of course, the best hay and grains you’ll find for miles around! A vote for me, Ruby Roo, is a vote for happy healthy pets and their people.” ~Ruby Roo

Anything else?: Stop on into Divide Feed Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays to meet Ruby Roo!

Ruby Roo’s Story:

You can certainly say that Ruby Roo has lived a charmed life: born in a puppy mill, sold at a pet shop, and spent her first year confined to a crate for 20 hours a day. Wait a minute, that doesn’t sound so nice, what gives? … Cue Mom & Dad! Given a warning to keep her crated and a list of this itty bitty rottie’s terrible horrible no good habits (running rampant, destroying the house, eating pens and getting ink everywhere, chewing socks and shoes and anything else she could find) they decided they needed to take her home anyway. She bounced alongside these strange new people and hopped into the strange new car just as happy as could be, just like a little kangaroo, so she was named Ruby Roo. Once home, she met her new feline brother, went on a run in a field, got back home, stretched out on the couch, took a nap, and never did any of those terrible horrible no good things. Not even once. 

The next 5 years have been the charmed ones. Roo gets to go to work with her Mom every day. Whether its to the barn to help train horses and give lessons and wrangle goats, or to Divide Feed to lay on her bed and chew on bones and greet customers, she’s always hard at work. Ruby’s most important job, however, is being an Emotional Support Animal, and boy does she take it seriously. She not only helps her Mom by always being by her side, but she tries to help nearly everyone she comes across. Having a bad day? Come on into the store and Roo would be more than happy to sit on your feet, or your lap, and let you pet her until you feel much much better! It’s not all work and no play though: Roo’s days off are filled with hikes, play dates with friends, cuddles with her cat Tonks, naps, car rides, and of course, more bones!

Come on into Divide Feed Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays to meet Ruby Roo, stock up on bones, and vote for Mayor of Divide. She can’t wait to let you pet her!