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Breed/Other Descriptive Characteristics: Taz is a “designer mutt”, a PomChi – Pomeranian / Chihuahua mix

Favorite Activities: Taz loves to ride on the back of motorcycles and ATV’s and has participated in the Veterans Rally for many years. She loves making new friends and making people smile wherever she goes. She loves to dress up and take pictures with people, which seems to make them happy. She is known as a “good will / hug ambassador”!

Election Platform / Campaign Promises: Originally from a puppy mill in Georgia, Taz will work hard to help other animals that are in shelters find their happy, forever homes, just like she did.

Anything else: She has been a resident of Cripple Creek for 6 years. If you are in town, you might just see her at one of the casinos, giving out her hugs and her special brand of good luck!


Charlie Daye, Taz’s human dad and campaign manager, has a history of helping out animals. In his words:

“I’m a retired 31 year Miami Dade Deputy Sheriff supervisor. During that some of that time I took over the Miami Dade Animal Shelter Cruelty Unit. And during that time we also filmed Miami animal police with discovery channel. Since I was the only law-enforcement supervisor in charge of cruelty unit. I was filmed doing a lot of the animal planet stuff as well as doing the Expos around the country for them.”