We are always ready for dedicated and caring volunteers to join our family!

How to Volunteer

  • Volunteers must be 7 or older.
  • Volunteer applicants younger than 18 must have a parental or legal guardian sign their application.
  • Youths between the ages of 7 and 15 are eligible to volunteer with a parent, legal guardian, or a trusted family friend who is also a TCRAS volunteer, but are not permitted to work directly with, handle or touch the animals for their and the safety of the animals.

TCRAS Volunteer Application

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The Steps to Becoming a Volunteer

  1. Sign up and attend an orientation.
  2. Complete and submit a volunteer application.
  3. Schedule and participate in an interview with a staff member and a current vonlunteer.
  4. Read the TCRAS Volunteer Handbook, return the signed Service Agreement, and TCRAS Volunteer Handbook signature page. The Volunteer Handbook will be emailed upon acceptance.
  5. Participate in required trainings.
  6. Begin volunteering and making a difference in the lives of many dogs and cats.