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The Challenge

The Teller County Regional Animal Shelter operates entirely on volunteer effort and donations!  Without your help, we would be unable to help these loving animals find a home.  Every new year presents new and growing challenges for the volunteers and animals of TCRAS.

The Solution

With your donation, not only are you helping the wonderful animals at our shelter, but you are helping our efforts grow to reach out and change even more lives through our care and volunteer efforts! Every dollar you donate goes toward growing our shelter, caring for our precious animals, and finding new lifelong homes for so many thankful and faithful companions.  Donate today and help change a life forever!

Donate Your Time

As TCRAS grows, we need more helping hands to change the lives of our animals.  If you ever want to make an even larger impact than simply donating funds, consider volunteering at TCRAS.  Come meet the team, care for our wonderful animals, and make a life-changing difference in an animals life!

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Support the Shelter

You can donate directly to our shelter through the use of our donate button!  Every donation matters! By donating, you are building families, life long memories, and a second chance for so many faithful loving friends.  You too can make a difference.

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