Aspen's Story

Can you imagine being a three month old puppy, severely injured and lost? 

Aspen was brought to TCRAS as a stray who was unable to walk or move. With the partnership of Animal Medical Center and Colorado Canine Orthopedics it was discovered that Aspen was suffering from a fractured rib, a spinal fraction and an infection of several holes which were all down her back. For several days she was hospitalized while fighting a 105.3 temperature. She has always been a brave girl!

Aspen is now a very active and happy puppy who has found a loving home. In fact, Aspen gives back to the community by attending the Book Buddy program for Woodland Park High School students.

Her medical expenses did cost a lot but she was worth every penny. Please DONATE to help the many pets with medical care who come in to TCRAS.