Drake's Story

Sometimes an animal comes along that inspires everyone they meet. Drake is one of those animals.

When Drake arrived at TCRAS, he was with his mom, Dawn, his siblings and some orphaned kittens that Dawn was also trying to care for. Shortly after their arrival, we discovered that all of the group had come to us very ill with what at first appeared to be an upper respiratory infection. Later we found out that it was actually Feline herpes and Calici Virus. Within a few days, one of the orphan kittens and one of Dawn’s kittens succumbed to the virus. Drake, who was the runt of the group, became very ill. His eyes were swollen shut, he had horrible nasal discharge, and he had to be bottle fed.  He was such a fighter that the staff rallied around the clock for him. There were several times where it looked like Drake wouldn’t be able to make it, but he never stopped fighting, he never gave up and we never gave up on him.

Today Drake, who has limited sight due to the scarring on his eyes from the virus, is healthy, vibrant and has found his forever home. He loves to play and snuggle and brings joy and laughter to the world around him.