Marcella's Story

Marcella was a fun-loving puppy that was found with a severely damaged left front leg and was transferred to TCRAS so that she could get the medical help that she needed. Through collaboration with local vets,it was discovered that there was a “brachial plexus avulsion” – in layman’s terms, her leg had neurological damage which caused her pain and meant that she could not use her leg. It began to atrophy and more x-rays were done and we even tried acupuncture, but nothing was helping, so it was determined that the leg would have to be amputated.

While in our care, we also discovered that Marcella was deaf. But she was always happy and eager to connect to people, she loved attention and didn’t let anything slow her down. We knew she was a special dog and would need the right home, but would make someone very happy.

Now Marcella has been adopted and has a new name – Luna. She is doing very well and is getting special training to help with the inability to hear. She is still energetic and fun-loving and is an absolute joy to be around. She brightens the lives of everyone she meets!